Artists / References

A list of clients and references, in no particular order and by no means complete

Clare Sands (Ireland) (Label / Publishing, G-A-S)
The Rehats (Germany) (Label / Publishing)
Sutcliffe (Germany) (Label / Publishing)
Nadine Traoré (Germany (Label / Publishing)
Rosier (Canada) (Label / Publishing, Europe)
Hannah Sanders & Ben Savage (UK) (Management, with Sheerwater Music (UK))
Ruhrfolk (Label / Publishing / Management)
Broom Bezzums (Label / Publishing)
Katie Doherty (Label, G-A-S)
Fabian Holland (Management)
WÖR (Belgium) (Label / Publishing, G-A-S)
Little Roger & the Houserockers (Label / Publishing)
Leonora (Label / Booking / Publishing)
Show of Hands (Booking / Promotion / Germany)
Tony McManus (Booking / Tour Sound / Germany)
Tony Hudspeth (Label / Publishing)
Craig Herberston (Publishing)

Calufo (Promotion – Radio)
Uwe Kerkau (Promotion – Press)
in-akustik (Distribution – Physical)
Kontor New Media (Distribution – Digital)
Scout Promotion (Promotion – TV)
Medialuchs (Promotion – Radio)

Indie music from the Rhineland

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