RELEASED: 18th May 2018
LABEL: Steeplejack Music
WÖR – Sssht

Almost 300 years ago, a group of musicians from Antwerp, Brussels, Ghent and Leuven decided to write down their favourite music. Over time, however, the paper turned yellow, the ink faded and the music itself became dusty, along with the faded manuscripts.

That is, until now! With their finely structured arrangements, WÖR from Flanders in Belgium bring new impulses to 18th-century music. Their music shines an inventive spotlight with a modern twist on the tunes of these manuscripts.

Bert Ruymbeek (accordion) and Pieterjan Van Kerckhoven (bagpipes, soprano saxophone, musette) met in the small, but in the folk scene quite renowned club “‘t Ey” in Belsele, Flanders. They were joined by Jonas Scheys (guitar) and Jeroen Goegebuer (violin) from the small local folk scene. Pieterjans school friend Fabio Di Meo (baritone saxophone) completed the line-up.

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