“Steeplejack Music” is our in-house music label.
We have worldwide distribution through inakustik (physical) and The Orchard (digital).

We aim to offer new, unknown artists a platform through which to present their music to a wider public,
especially in the genres of folk music, folk-rock, acoustic pop/rock, adult contemporary, rock and alternative.

The top priority is the targeted, long-term development of the artist.
In this respect, the label not only supports the artist in all matters of production and promotion,
but is also involved in supporting the artist both musically and in business matters,
always taking into consideration the quality, authenticity and individuality of the act.


Morose – Les Poules à Colin, 2018
Sssht – WÖR, 2018
Winterman (Bonus Edition) – Broom Bezzums, 2017
No Smaller than the World – Broom Bezzums, 2015
Round the Houses (EP) – Broom Bezzums, 2013
As the Crow Flies – Goodwin & Gray, 2013
Winterman – Broom Bezzums, 2012
Communication Breakdown – Craig Herbertson, 2012
Geisterbahn – Various Artists, 2011
Wine from a Mug – Broom Bezzums, 2011
Under the Rug – Broom Bezzums, 2008
A Health to the Ladies – Craig Herbertson, 2008
Arise you sons of freedom … – Broom Bezzums, 2007
Lord of Whisky – Craig Herbertson, 2007
Sitting with the Castaways – The Mark Bennett Band, 2006
Birds & Beasts – Connemara Stone Company, 2004
Driftwood – Wayfaring Strangers, 2000
Live – Wayfaring Strangers, 1997
From Warminster to Warsaw – Neil Grant, 1996

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