Tony Hudspeth – Back from the Cold

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Product Description

Guitarist / singer Tony Hudpseth really let’s go on this, his latest album. There are eleven tracks on the album ranging from full-on rock through feather-light funk to earthy blues. The new album also features a wealth of guest artists, all masters of their own craft.

Paul Harriman plays a brilliant bass, while the drums are shared by Joe Kirschgen and Bert Smaak, all adding up to the right groove and beat.

All this is complemented by perfect background work from Jens Ewald (keyboards/acoustic guitar), Jane Leinen (backings), as well as the funky “Tripple F Horns” Heiko Bidmon (sax), Mathias Knoop (trumpet) and Mathias Schuller (trombone). The perfect picture is rounded off by a guest appearance from “Supercharge” front man Albie Donnelly on saxophone on “Sunny Days”.

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