Back to the 1780’s! If it sounded good back then, why not today?

Almost 300 years ago, musicians from the area around Antwerp, Brussels, Gent and Leuven decided to write down their favourite music. As time passed, however, the paper turned yellow, the ink began to fade, and the music itself was left to gather dust along with the faded manuscripts.

That is, until now! With their finely textured arrangements WÖR inject new energy into 18th-century tunes from the Flanders region of Belgium. Their music shines an inventive spotlight, with a modern twist, on tunes from these manuscripts.

They have released 2 albums (‘Back to the 1780’s’ (2015) and Sssht (2017) and toured both in Europe and America, including the Shetland Folk Festival, Dranouter Festival, Sunfest and many more.